eCommerce Marketing
Bringing customers to your digital doorstep

The right marketing delivers customers!

The greatest ecommerce website is useless if no one knows it’s there.

Most eCommerce sites don’t have a conversion problem, they have a TRAFFIC problem!

With the right marketing plan and tools, we bring the customers to your digital doorstep.

Let us build a funnel to capture these wild boars in your marketplace and bring them to you!

Go where your customers are and get in their faces!

Populis Digital delivers customers with marketing that works
We understand how to use all the tools on the internet to bring people in.
Landing Pages

Create high converting pages for specific products or categories Highly targeted and focused on one specific outcome. The aim of the landing page is to stimulate a predetermined action using targeted copy to connect with a user and persuade them to act.

Have A Story Attached To Your Product

How you manufacture the good. Why are you selling this and the problem you experienced in your own life that made you go out there to craft a product that addresses that specific problem Talk about the ingredients, where it’s made, any bit that can add content

Attaching A Cause

Having a cause can increase your sales by 15%-50%. This can be regarding animals or giving back to the less fortunate. This creates more goodwill with your audience to create more sales for you in the long term

Our Testimonial
“Since having them on the team, we’ve been profitable for every event we held which helped our growth tremendously! No more sleepless nights! They would spend a ton of extra time to ensure every customer touch point was covered and generated a positive experience. They would then train the team on how to use the new tools. They were our entire marketing team, a very effective and self-sustaining marketing machine that worked really hard to deliver results.“
Keisuke Takizawa
Copa De HK –
"With my web design setup and ranking on page 1 with Google, that really helped us get a lot of organic traffic and inquiries, which they also helped streamline! Our business has been doing very well and would highly recommend anyone to sign up with his team if they are serious about growing their company!"
Digital Marketing Hayden Law Fitness Bee
Hayden Law
Fitness Bee –

“We are a healthcare product distribution company in HK. A few years ago, we had to do a website for our online shop. They designed the first version of the website with us. He has been very helpful, full of patience, he always tried to understand our needs and gave us lots of useful tips in order to build online visibility. I definitely recommend his digital marketing service, the man knows what he is talking about.”

Digital Marketing Samuel Kung
Samuel Kung
Naturo Trade –

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