Lead Generation

Be able to find cold cold audiences, and drive them to your funnel
Warming them up every step of the way

Everyone promises leads through ads

They are also only targeting a small fraction of the potential market.
We build marketing funnels not only for those that are ready to buy, but also those that aren’t even aware that they’ve got a problem!


It’s about finding the right way to reach your buyers

Delivering value through a multi-touchpoint funnel is our method to cast our net out further than where your competitors are willing to go, and that is where the biggest rewards are.

Turn Cold Traffic Into Hot Leads!
Multi-Touchpoint Sales Funnel

We understand that on average, cold traffic takes 8 touch-points before a transaction happens. So we build marketing funnels with a mix of ads, emails, landing page and getting on the phone with your prospects.

No Hard Selling

We build funnels that give value to the marketplace. This elevates your brand and trust, giving you the ability to demand higher fees.

Create Irresistible Offers

What attracts and builds your customer is by offering an irresistible offer that beats the pants off your competitors. The MOST IMPORTANT aspect in any marketing campaign that is often left on the side.

Need more success from your website?

Study your buyer

Rather than sitting down together and brainstorming, we use our own systematic research methodology, we find your prospects true pain points, hopes and dreams out in the marketplace.

This is where we truly look under the hood of your marketplace, so that we can make marketing decisions on objective data rather than guesses.


Generate an irresistible offer

The MOST important aspect in any marketing campaign is the offer.

What is it? Is it better than your other competitors? Is this something that your prospect wants? Does it give your prospect a small erection?

With us, you bet it will!


Having a great offer is one thing, without any channels to distribute your offer, is like a crying baby left all alone.

You need to be smart about it and cry where the adults are!



Retarget and Nurture

Any leads captured cannot be immediately released into the wild.

We will run retargeting campaigns (ever see the same ads on Facebook multiple times?) and email nurturing sequences to keep you in their minds!

We Just Don’t Know WHEN TO LET GO!~

Not in an intrusive way of course.

Our Testimonial
“Since having them on the team, we’ve been profitable for every event we held which helped our growth tremendously! No more sleepless nights! They would spend a ton of extra time to ensure every customer touch point was covered and generated a positive experience. They would then train the team on how to use the new tools. They were our entire marketing team, a very effective and self-sustaining marketing machine that worked really hard to deliver results.“
Keisuke Takizawa
Copa De HK – copadehk.com
"With my web design setup and ranking on page 1 with Google, that really helped us get a lot of organic traffic and inquiries, which they also helped streamline! Our business has been doing very well and would highly recommend anyone to sign up with his team if they are serious about growing their company!"
Digital Marketing Hayden Law Fitness Bee
Hayden Law
Fitness Bee – fitnessbee.com.hk

“We are a healthcare product distribution company in HK. A few years ago, we had to do a website for our online shop. They designed the first version of the website with us. He has been very helpful, full of patience, he always tried to understand our needs and gave us lots of useful tips in order to build online visibility. I definitely recommend his digital marketing service, the man knows what he is talking about.”

Digital Marketing Samuel Kung
Samuel Kung
Naturo Trade – naturotrade.com

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