Cheapest Website Builders in 2021 – Which One Is Worth Your While?


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Cheapest Website Builders in 2021, A website is the storefront of a business whose audience is not just those nearby but also the whole world. A website is the global representation of your business or other ideas and a window that opens to the world’s opportunities.

Designing a website according to your audience is essential so that it attracts the target audience. In web design Hong Kong, you are required to develop your sites according to Hong Kong’s audience. The website’s concepts should be visible through its design, and that’s the main goal of the website designing.

Web Design Trends:

Web design can be perfect for creative types because it helps you produce something beautiful and practical, all from your screen. Web design is an ideal way to do it if you are looking to use your creative side. 

The discipline resides at the crossroads of innovation and technology, two of the world’s fastest-moving markets, so it is not surprising that new trends and techniques in web design are continually emerging. 

While there will still be some web design facets here to stay, fads and fashions will continue to come and go, such as user-friendly navigation, data protection, and fast load times. 

But in the ever-expanding online ecosystem, staying on top of the latest and greatest web design trends, styles and developments will ensure that your website stands out.
Cheapest Website Builders in 2021

After global pandemics like Covid-19, we need more user-friendly designs and functionalities on websites such as chatbots, which stay available for customer queries. A developer needs to design the best Hong Kong e-commerce site to target because the e-commerce industry is emerging fast after this pandemic.

We have witnessed the growing success of web-based animation patterns year after year, from micro-interactions to particle backgrounds. By splitting page elements into foreground and background extremes, 2021’s web animations are becoming ever more complex, producing a parallax effect. 

Scales of comparison to choosing the best among the required field:


 Most templates available: 

AI facilities: Wix ADI. 

Free widgets and apps: 


Best purchase:

Most satisfied customers experience: 

Design assistant: 

Most numbers of plans offered: (6 plans). 

Best website building speed:

Best SEO tools: 


Best UX designs: Shopify. 

Best suitable for an E-Commerce site: Shopify. 

Variety of payment options: Shopify. 

Cheapest Website Builders in 2021

Best flexibility: WordPress. 

Best for blogging: WordPress. 

Live chat facility: WordPress. 

Easy of all: WordPress (it has plugins to offer for every situation). 

Cheapest Website Builders in 2021

Site transfer support: Shopify and WordPress. 

Free plans: supported by and WordPress. 

Free custom domains: and WordPress.  

Web export facility: Shopify and WordPress. 

Verdicts on

Wix is the winner when it comes to having the highest Value for Money proportion. Comparison of prices for Wix vs. Shopify vs. WordPress website builder revealed that Wix has considered the pricing aspect to be higher than Shopify & WordPress compared to the quality of service & key features.

When it comes to templates, with a broader range of themes to choose from, it seems that Wix surpasses Shopify & WordPress. Squarespace has managed to beat Shopify & WordPress in this category by providing better SEO options while talking about one of the most relevant features – SEO tools.

Verdicts on Shopify:

For those looking to build an online store, Shopify is a successful solution. Customizing your product pages, monitoring inventory, and managing your orders from just one dashboard is simple. And, for various regions and price points, you can set exact shipping costs.

To help you optimize your business plan, Shopify also offers comprehensive analytics and reports. Shopify Hong Kong sites mostly focus on e-commerce stores as online shopping is becoming more of a trend after Covid-19.

Go to Shopify’s website to build your Shopify store and follow the instructions to create an account.

Verdicts on WordPress:

In 99.99 percent of instances, WordPress is the best medium for creating a website. It is a content management method (CMS), which is more flexible but needs more technical know-how.

WordPress is so popular that, without any coding expertise, tens of thousands of people have created plugins and themes that allow you to create a beautiful website with great functionality. WordPress is attracting web design Hong Kong students with its vast plugins, flexibility options, and best responsive site experiences.

It cannot be easy to set up an eCommerce store if you have never done it before. It’s a bit of a challenge, but wordpress makes it easier, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Hong Kong e-commerce stores are widely choosing WordPress sites as it offers the vast majority of payment options to let customers pay.

Hope you find this article useful when it comes to building your store.


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