Best 4 Tools To Find Keywords For Your Website


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Best 4 Tools to Find Keywords For Your Website

When we create content for a website, we must consider the positioning criteria that search engines require for a suitable website, which can be displayed in the first places of results to the users. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method used for positioning and finding keywords will allow companies to take advantage of these requirements.

Tools to find keywords for SEO

There are many tools to find keywords for websites, which are equipped with multiple and useful features to help businesses to achieve the objectives of their webpages.

Find Keywords For Website ubersuggest

We have made a list, where you will know the best platforms and applications to find keywords, which can facilitate the work and, even without having knowledge, you can create excellent content strategies to improve the organic positioning of your website.


The most complete free tool on the market. Ubersuggest has been created by the british tycoon of digital marketing, Neil Patel, and is offered on its website with all the basic features that allow you to find keywords without paying a single penny.

This tool shows how the keyword you want to analyze, is being used on the web by other blogs and digital magazines. Not only find awesome keywords, but also yields the approximate search volume, the costs per click of each one and their respective longtails; the competition that they have, and the main pages that have been positioned with its use.

The subscription

All you need to do to get 100% access to Ubersuggest is just a simple registration. When you sign up, you can access the data mentioned above and additional tools to scan the development of your website and those of your competitors too. It seems like a dream, but it’s real. The founder has created this tool for everyone’s use and continually updates it to offer new and improved features.

Find Keywords For Website keyword tool

One of the available tools in the market to provide truthful information that helps the positioning of companies on the web is It is one of the simplest interfaces of all online software and has a large list of useful options to its customers.

The free version

This application has a free version, where users can find alternative keywords to feed their content and adapt them to SEO in a simple way. This turns out to be a very useful resource for those who wish to know the world of content and have no budget to pay a monthly subscription to any tool.

The paid version

Subscriptions to are separated according to available platforms and search engines, such as Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay and Instagram; because those are pioneers in the positioning of relevant content.

Other statistics that show in the paid section are the monthly search volume by country, quite close to real figures; the percentage of trend on the web, the cost per click of each keyword and the degree of competition that it have in Google Ads.


Find Keywords For Website Buzzsumo

This fully paid tool is one of the most recognized in the world. Its scope extends from find keywords for websites to shows the main international and territorial trends that can help you create quality content for your company’s content strategy.

All functionalities

The first and most important functionality of BuzzSumo, is that it throws the topics in trend, predicting many of them before they are fully positioned, results in a real time, geographically filtered and taking what internet users are looking for.

On the other hand, you can analyze in almost all articles published on the web, over the course of 5 years; to identify popular topics and find the keywords that may be most useful for their customers. Likewise, you can find influencers of specific brands and niche markets on all existing platforms, with updated and completely real statistics.

The most innovative tool that it offers, and that almost no other platform has, is it can track the reputation of brands, themes and products, collect mentions made about them and contrast them with competitors in the same field. A very complete tool. You will not need anything else to create your content.


Find Keywords For Website spyfu

It’s perhaps the most complete tool in the market to find potential keywords that successfully feed the content of a website. Large companies have preferred it over many others, not only for the statistical quality it has in relation to SEO, but also for many other services available within it.

What makes it the best option, are its low costs that, unlike many other platforms, doesn’t limit the users so much with respect to the plans acquired by them. The difference between the basic and the most expensive plan, is determined by the size of the company that will buy the platform and the flow of information it will handle.

Another available services

Apart from the pro SEO and keyword research tools, it also offers tracking services to optimize paid campaigns on any search engine and social platform that offers them. These tools are accompanied by detailed reports and specialized domain analysis functionalities that cover a large amount of information that other software doesn’t have.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, if you really want to optimize the content of your website and position it above many others, thanks to the improvement of your paid campaigns and content, you will need SpyFu to do the work for you.

Choose the best tool to find keywords for you

With any of these tools, you can refine your strategies simply and quickly. When making the decision and opting for a specific one, fully exploit everything she can offer you. And if, on the other hand, you aren’t very sure of what you should do, please contact us and we will advise you so what choice is the right one for your kind of business.

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