How To Start A Profitable Dropshipping Business in 2022


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Running and maintaining a successful dropshipping business requires more than a hardwork and commitment to deliver quality products. From showcasing and advertisements to marketing and promotions, running a successful online dropshipping business requires inventory stocking, targeting the right audience, paid advertisements and much more. Selling the stocked items and your own inventory or merchandise without a dropshipping solution can be tedious and overwhelming.

Dropshipping is the only way to sell products and put some cash in your pocket from the comfort of your home. Dropshipping is a most modern type of Ecommerce store to sell products online without storing any kind of inventory. It’s safer than customary kinds of eCommerce stores since you don’t have to manage the expenses related to holding stock.

You can buy products at a discount from a supplier, and all you have to do is to list those items on your store to be purchased, send request subtleties to the supplier, and they deliver the product straightforwardly to your customers. While benefits are more modest and contest higher, the low stock danger and simple arrangement measures make outsourcing an alluring alternative. One approach to battle lower overall profit is to begin an outsourcing business on WordPress.


More than 56% of the web runs on wordpress. It offers free plugins to help you start a dropshipping business with the help of WooCommerce. It is a moderate option in contrast to Shopify and BigCommerce and has a significant degree of opportunity to redo. With advantages, for example, no month-to-month expenses and a variety of free modules, you can foster an online store for much less cash than the instant trucks. In general, it’s an incredible self-facilitating choice in the event that you’d don’t approach the improvement assets required for an open-source platform like Magento.

Choose a product
Build WordPress site
Dropshipping with WordPress
Suppliers and Inventory
Customise your dropshipping site
Results you get

Today we start our journey on how to dropship with wordpress in 2022. Let’s discuss it step by step. I’m hopeful that you will be able to build your own wordpress store and dropship products. So here we go,

1. Choose a product:

To select the best products to sell on the online web stores, research incredible eCommerce specialties to check where customer interest lies. Assessing patterns, buyer purchasing habits, and immersion of current business sectors will give you a scope of specialties to consider. When the exploration is led, you can settle on a more informed choice on what specialty turns out best for your business. Then, at that point, take a gander at your objective market and contest to choose which items to offer. 

With an item or item range picked, you need to pick a supplier. You can work straightforwardly with little or medium-sized suppliers, utilise an outsource or discount index to find the right suppliers, or search for discount drop transporters yourself. There are upsides and downsides to every choice, so set out to find out about each to ensure you are picking the right strategy.

3. Build WordPress Site:

Building a fully professional and functional site in WordPress is a straightforward process. It is an open source platform as it contains a variety of attractive themes for your ecommerce website.

Each theme will have an alternate look and feel, so pick one that best suits your business image. Range Of themes starts from $40 to a few hundred. 

While picking themes, check for responsiveness, support alternatives, security, similarity with WooCommerce, and page load speed. Examination the designers, read audits and discussions, and contact the developers with any inquiries BEFORE downloading the theme. Taking the additional time to investigate the themes will save you any future migraines.

3. Dropshipping with WordPress:

Dropshipping becomes easy with the help of wonderful plugins. Let’s discuss some best plugins to dropship on WordPress in 2022. Here we go:

  1. WooCommerce:

WordPress with free plugins like WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin for the purpose of dropshipping. It allows you to easily integrate your back end system with suppliers.


It is a straightforward extension and it automates the notifications of order. When some of your customers place an order on your site then it directly emailed the order details to the dropship supplier. Hence WooCommerce makes it fully automated.

  1. Inventory Source:

This plugin helps you to stay connected with supplier’s inventory status, quantity of product and pricing the product on your WordPress back end.

Inventory Source

 It also updates in-stock products to your ready to ship catalogue. This plugin also helps you to list suppliers. It is very helpful to support your business.

  1. AliDropship:

AliDropship is not free but it provides many additional features and support for your WordPress site.

Ali Dropship

It helps in pricing automation and built in themes. It helps in easily automating routing with them and AliExpress.

    4) Configure Account and Automate:

Configure your account and automation is also important for your store so here are some important factors discuss below:

4. suppliers and Inventory:

To have providers advised when a client puts in a request, you’ll need to incorporate your framework with their framework. Inside the plugin on your personal preference, make a point to set up providers in the backend of WordPress and include the entirety of the important details, so it is feasible to incorporate with their frameworks.

Suppliers And Inventory

 Careful advances may differ by module, yet you’ll need to incorporate the name, email address, depiction, and record number, if applicable. With a module like WooCommerce, you can import stock by means of a CSV stock document, which is given by your supplier. Stock Source and AliDropship ought to have the option to incorporate with your providers and stock information is accessible consequently as opposed to bringing in records.

Whenever you have input the provider’s data, incorporated with their framework, and added the stock or inventory, new request emails will be sent straightforwardly to the outsource provider for satisfaction.

Email Marketing

 Depending upon the plugin, you may have to set explicit standards for these messages to trigger.

5. Customise your Dropshipping site:

Make your WordPress site wonderful and full of features with the help of plugins and optimise your site, help with marketing and more. In below section we will discuss some important that are useful for you;

Customize Your Dropshipping site
  1. W3 Total Cache:

This plugin is useful for Search Engine Optimization and also improves the user experience with this plugin. Moreover it is designed for the purpose to improve web server performance and page load speed of your site.

  1. Ultimate Branding:

With the help of this plugin you are able to fully customise your site and brand your site. It also facilitates the remove and replace WordPress branding on your site without the use of coding.

Ultimate Branding

Ultimate Branding gives you the opportunity to add your company name, logo, brand messaging and colours to have personalised, beautiful sites.

6. Results you get:

After following these steps we are very hopeful that you will be able to create your wordpress store and dropship the products and get a high conversion rate. Running a successful dropshipping business requires a thorough understanding of your target audience and a commitment to your featured products. You can easily generate a full-time income with wordpress dropshipping in 2022 by choosing the right products  and the right niche. WordPress DropShipping is very simple, also an effective business strategy. Let us help you set up your fully professional eCommerce store and let these automated frameworks work for you!

We wish best of luck for your business store!


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