Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021


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Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021, The main purpose of using blogs is to promote personal brands and business. Business owners usually use blogs to increase exposure for their business in a number of ways. Adding a blog post on a regular basis to your site gives Google search engine something new to index thus helps in better search results.

Blogging can help you get new, relevant and targeted audiences to discover you and your business deeply. This traffic exposure and traction let you get more visitors and you’ll be able to convert them into sales and loyal customers.

In this article, I am going to share  how blogging can help you get ranking, traffic and conversion (SALES). So let’s get started..


We know that ranking and sales is the most important factor for your website or for your store. If you focus on these points then you would be able to rank your website and increase your sale via blogging.


Trending Topics:


We all know that everyone reads or searches about trending topics. Thus, if you want that maximum audience to land on your website and read your blogs then you have to make sure that you’re posting/creating blogs on trending topics. As most people are interested to know about that latest topic and to get more information about it. You can easily find the trending topics with the following methods:


Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021

Google’s search related gives you the opportunity to find out about the latest topic. If you can see at the end of the page, it helps you to focus on key points as it is shown in the image below


Google Ads keyword planner helps you to find out keywords and ideas which helps you to select topics.


Keyword Suggestion in SEO software helps you to know about the search volume of your topic suggestion. As we searched about “business market automation” than the software shows these results:

Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021

Finding Keywords:


There are many free tools available for keyword research. Once you have collected the words then you have to use these words in your title and in your blogs.

In the beginning or while writing the first 100 to 150 words, you have to put those keywords in, it helps Google to steadily find your blog and bring it on the top of the search results.

Some of top keyword search tools are given below:

  • Soovle
  • Jaxy
  • Google search console

Publishing long content:


Publishing long content is very helpful for you to rank your blog because long content provides opportunity to add more keywords or attach links that will help Google to show your blog in top list, thus it helps to increase your traffic and leads. You can use CTA (call to action) links to your services or products.

Social media:

Whenever you have a predictable, fully operational business blog, you’ll need to get as much traffic as you can. You would prefer not to depend exclusively on SEO for your web journals to get found. Grow your blog reach and advance them via online media so clients can undoubtedly discover you.


Also, if your blog is excessively useful and engaging, clients can undoubtedly share your posts on their online media accounts, expanding the range significantly more!


The more traffic you’ll get, the more leads you will pull in and transform into clients. It’s the most important thing. Be reliable, ensure your websites are enhanced, make content that is useful, use visuals, and advance via online media.

These are all the key fixings you require to run a fruitful writing for a blog system that will pull in the correct clients. Social media platforms for sharing are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • linkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • And many more

Optimize Images:


Images used in blogs is also a ranking factor. So you have to add relevant images in your blog. Remember, pictures for your blog posts additionally take part in more extended posts, which would be loved by web indexes and they will thank you for boosting your positioning.


In addition to the fact that images help with SEO, separating the content with pictures and videos considers an in general better client experience.
Images help increase the value of your blogs by truly associating clients to the message you’re attempting to get across.

Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021

Refresh your content:

You have to continuously refresh your content of your blogs with the trending topics. Because it helps the audience to search about this topic and reach out to you. Because if you can’t refresh your content then it’s impossible for the visitor to revisit your site because there is nothing new for him.

So you have to make your site and blog completely unique. Update your products, contents, blogs then your traffic automatically increases and also increases your sale.

Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021

Actively Sharing:

You have to share your links (CTA LINKS) to your products, other blog suggestions, and content on social media because nowadays, it’s the best ways to increase your traffic and sales. Almost all the people in the society use social media platforms. So it would let many people get engaged with your posts and website, ultimately increase your SEO and your conversion.

So keep this thing in your mind that if you compete these days with your competitors then you have to actively share your services on social media platforms.

Powerful Blogs To Get Ranking and Sales in 2021

Sales Improvement:

If you want to increase your sales then you have to increase your traffic on your site as they are totally proportional to each other. More visitors on your site the more chance to increase your sales. So you can increase your traffic on your site via blogs and their titles. Make sure to use attractive titles and headings that would let people click on it for sure.

Make it much interesting that visitors will read it till the end of the post, use engaging images, videos, CTA links and ask conversation starter questions to let people get engaged with you. 

We are sure that if you will follow these steps to improve your blogs then it’s definite to get tons of sales and you’ll see searching engine rankings up to a good percentage.



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