Best 2020 Proven Strategies To Earn Money Online Within Few Weeks


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Those days are gone where earning money was done through a traditional method of the day job. There are different ways available to make money at this time and age. The latest buzz to earn money online is through the Dropship store. 

Are you ready to see how to make money online in 2020? 

We are going to document Tim Kock’s entire process of building, launching, and running a dropshipping business. In 8 weeks he built and launched his store. During those eight weeks, he made $6,666.73 in revenue. So, follow along with his journey to find out how he chose products, which marketing tactics worked best for him, how he made my first sale, and learn the challenges that he faced.

Let’s dive into it!

Finding a niche

When you are going to start a new business, You should always think about what you are going to sell first. After a lot of research from bestselling lists from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, he settled on three product ideas which are Pineapple Bracelets, steel strap watches, and Pineapple hats.

Niche Validation

The validation process will allow you to understand if there is a demand for your idea (product) or not. As he had three ideas, he had to find the one who had the most potential to become a success. The easiest way to do this was to use Google Trends

Search volume for both pineapple products was on the rise; He decided to create a dropshipping store.

Finding Products:  He made a point to take advantage of the drop-down suggestions after he had entered his search term. He searched for the word “pineapple” without pressing enter and made a note of the results. He compiled a list of 10 ideas. He wanted to hear some honest opinions about his pineapple niche. 

The best way to do this? Social media!

Earn Money Online With SOCIAL MEDIA earn money online

People love to express their feelings on social media. He started to research what people were posting that was related to my product ideas.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook showed him that he was on the right track. So he moved on!

Building The Store

He created a Shopify store and imported the products. Engaging product description can affect sales. He came up with one to three simple lines for each product and moved on to pricing. He made two calculations.

1.Customer acquisition via influencers

2.Customer acquisition via Facebook ads.

Social Media 

Opportunities of earn money online which come with social media platforms are incredible. He started setting up his own Social Media pages. 

Facebook: He installed the pixel and launched some small campaigns.

Instagram: He decided to post periodically, to establish my presence on the platform.

Pinterest: He expected this channel to be valuable for his store, as this matches his target audience.

Influencer Reach

The easiest way to find these micro-influencers was to search for relevant hashtags.

He looked for people who recently uploaded an image with hashtags like #fashionaddict, #happygirl, and #selfiegirl. He was expecting to get a few sales, or at least a lot of abandoned carts, which he could try to recover using discount codes.

Unfortunately, nothing happened. Six hundred twelve unique visitors

but 0 sales.

Earn Money Online With Facebook Ads earn money online

He started by setting up Facebook ads. He used this simple strategy:

  • Set up some Facebook ads targeting a rough target audience
  • After at least three days, optimize the ads with data, Optimize again.

After a few days, his split test was done, and the results showed him

what he expected – a lot of space for improvement. He got no sales, and his failure let him create a new store!

earn money online

New Store

He decided to offer ten different watches in different colours. His goal was to make sales – not “establish a brand”. He started creating another Shopify store. He came up with a simple name – “central watches.” 

Getting Feedback:

To find the people who he would ask feedback from, he decided to search for users who recently uploaded images with the hashtag #fashionaddict. He sent users a direct message asking if they could give some feedback about the design of the store.

In return, he offered them a discount, free shipping, and a shout out on the Instagram page.

First Sale!

After sending direct messages on Instagram, He received 12 replies – all were positive, and they were willing to help!

After few minutes, he received something unexpected: THE FIRST SALE!  Within five days he made seven sales worth $ 166.99 in total. All from the messages, he sent on Instagram!

He searched for the right hashtags. Again, the results of this tactic were terrific. Making $ 672.49 in sales from 24 orders was the ultimate validation for his business. 18 of those 24 sales came from just one hashtag category: travel. Within 16 days he made $ 839.48 in sales from 31 orders without spending any money on marketing.

A great result!

He searched on Instagram for people who recently used the hashtags #fashionaddict or #selfiegirl. After finding ten interested young women, the promotion began. At the end of the month, he received 54 more orders worth $ 1783.87!

At the four weeks, He made $ 3,314.13 in sales from 105 orders. One hundred twenty-five orders worth $ 4,003.51 in just five weeks. The business continued to make sales afterwards. One hundred ninety-five orders worth $ 6666.73 in 54 days! 

Continue Growing

Today’s opportunities are endless. He considers doing this:

·        Influencer Marketing

·        Facebook Ads

·        Survey Customers

·        Email Marketing

Building a business and earn money online from scratch is always hard. But when you

accept your losses, overcome bad days, learn from past mistakes

and put in the hard work, it’s possible to find success! 

Never give up – Even if you fail with one, two, or three stores, you

can achieve your goals!

Now it’s your turn – you have what it takes!

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